Portland’s first kosher brewery announced this week that it will expand and open a taproom.

Leikam Brewing co-founder Sonia-Marie Leikam told Willamette Week that she and her husband, head brewer Theo Leikam, have acquired a building that used to house a Thai restaurant in the Mount Tabor neighborhood.

“We have plans for community-focused activities like trivia nights, jewelry-making classes and gatherings,” Sonia-Marie Leikam told the outlet. “And we will continue to give back to local nonprofits with designated sales from beers going back to the community.”

The timeline has yet to be determined, though the couple aims to open it in the summer. In addition to beer, a limited kosher food menu will be available.

The brewery obtained its kosher certification from Oregon Kosher, which is a member of the Association of Kashrut Organizations under the auspices of Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, kashrut administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council.