The Israeli Air Force is holding a large-scale, four-day combat exercise simulating simultaneous warfare in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon, and featuring F-35 jet fighters, according to the Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday.

The drill focuses on fighting in the country’s north against Hezbollah and entrenched Iranian forces.

The exercises are geared to simulate combat against multiple enemies with advanced technology, like the Russian S-300 and S-400 missile-defense systems.

They are also aimed to handle a home-front attack under massive missile fire and with disabled Israel Air Force communications centers and damaged runways, and along those lines use jet fighters, cargo planes, helicopters, drones, air-defense units and ground troops.

The participation of the new F-35 added previously unavailable capabilities to the drill, according to the army, including the ability to form an information-sharing network with other aircraft. Israel has received at least 14 F-35 fighter jets from the U.S.-based Lockheed Martin defense contractor, and is expected to receive another 36 by 2024.