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Jordanian MP charged for smuggling weapons into Judea and Samaria

Imad al-Adwan faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years if convicted.

Jordanian lawmaker Imad al-Adwan. Source: Twitter
Jordanian lawmaker Imad al-Adwan. Source: Twitter

A Jordanian lawmaker was charged in the kingdom on Tuesday for attempting to smuggle weapons into Judea and Samaria via the Allenby Bridge border crossing, according to his lawyer.

Israeli authorities arrested Imad al-Adwan on April 22 after finding 12 rifles and 194 pistols in his vehicle.

Further investigation revealed that since February 2022 the Jordanian parliamentarian had illegally transported various goods into Israel using his diplomatic passport on 12 occasions. These included birds, electronic cigarettes and gold.

The 35-year-old parliamentarian was transferred to the custody of Jordanian authorities on May 7.

He faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years if convicted.

His lawyer told the AFP news agency that Adwan is being charged with exporting weapons with the intention of illegal use, and committing acts likely to disrupt public order and threaten national security.

“Imad al-Adwan appeared today before the state security court and was questioned by the prosecutor following the confiscation of firearms and gold in his possession by the Israeli authorities,” said his lawyer, Ali al-Mubaeedin.

Adwan, a lawyer and member of the parliament’s Palestine committee, has a history of anti-Israel rhetoric and support for Palestinian terror organizations.

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