Hezbollah has begun mobilizing missiles from Syria ‎to southern Lebanon in a bid to counter a potential ‎Israeli airstrike, rebel-affiliated media outlets in ‎Syria reported on Thursday.‎

The Shi’ite terrorist group is reportedly concerned ‎that the Israeli operation to neutralize its ‎cross-border terror tunnels is the opening move to a ‎wider military campaign, the reports said. ‎

Syrian opposition officials said that Hezbollah was ‎moving OTR-21 Tochka missile batteries to southern ‎Lebanon.

The OTR-21 is a Soviet-made tactical ballistic-missile system ranging between 15 kilometers ‎and 185 kilometers (nine miles to to 115 miles).

Other reports said that Hezbollah was also deploying ‎short-range, Iranian-made projectiles in southern ‎Lebanon, adding that the group has blocked ‎dozens of roads in the area to allow the convoy ‎smooth transport.