A secret document seized during a raid by Israeli intelligence on a compound in Tehran in 2018 proves Iran was building a nuclear weapon back in 2002, according to an exclusive report by the British newspaper MailOnline.

In the newly revealed document, which is addressed to Tehran’s top nuclear official, Moshen Fakhrizadeh, Iranian scientists outline their plans for a warhead to be fitted on a missile. Fakhrizadeh scribbled a handwritten note on the document, requesting that it be archived.

The document forms a key part of a report to be released soon by the Friends of Israel Initiative (FOII), a group of foreign-policy experts and other former senior officials, the British paper reported.

After being “briefed extensively by Israeli security officials” on the contents of the Iranian nuclear archive during a fact-finding mission headed by former Canadian foreign minister John Baird, the FOII report’s authors state that there is no doubt that “Iran intended to become a fully operational nuclear state.”

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