PROMOTED CONTENT / On Hanukkah, Jews around the world look to connect to the land of Israel, as the holiday of lights is one of very few Jewish holidays commemorating events that actually took place in the Jewish homeland. For many, interacting with Israel’s dynamic and vibrant culture is a fun and effective way to connect with and support Israel.

The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF), founded in 2017 by Adam Scott Bellos, is a U.S.- and Israel-based nonprofit organization that has made it its mission to reignite the flames of Zionism by spreading cutting-edge Israeli culture around the world. TIIF’s flagship program, Wine on the Vine, puts a modern spin on the decades-old tradition of planting trees in Israel by allowing lovers of the land to virtually plant grapevines in top Israeli wineries while donating to charity at the same time.

One grapevine cost $18, with the majority going to charity. The premise is simple: choose your winery, choose your cause, plant a grapevine in Israel.

Buy a vine, support JNS at the same time

JNS is partnering with Wine on the Vine to enable readers to plant grapevines with proceeds of the vine sale going to support JNS’s ongoing efforts to provide high-quality reporting on Israel and the Jewish world, including news, features, opinions and analyses, to nearly 100 print newspapers and digital publications each week.

Currently, you can plant grapevines in the vineyards of Bravdo, Gush Etzion, Herzberg, Maia, Munitz, Tabor, Tanya, Tulip and Yatir, all of which are widely considered to be among Israel’s best wineries. Israeli wine is increasingly growing in popularity, being consumed around the world and receiving high scores and praise from publications such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.

With some 300 wineries, Israel is seen more and more as a prestigious and legitimate wine country, producing top-quality and unique wines from wineries with interesting backgrounds and rich cultural histories. Planting grapevines with JNS and Wine on the Vine is an incredible way to help Israeli wineries grow and continue to spread Israeli wine around the world.

Wine on the Vine has recently launched vine selling partnerships with Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) across the United States. Currently they are partnered with Bender JCC of Greater Washington, East Valley JCC, MARJCC (North Miami Beach) and Tucson JCC. They have also partnered with Congregation Beth Tefillah in Scottsdale, Arizona to sell vines and spread the word of Israeli wines. Wine on the Vine is in the process of creating partnerships with many more JCCs across America.

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