The Israel Defense Forces released a video Monday on social media going after Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad for attacking Israelis instead of helping their own people.

The video begins with the message that children should not be targeted, then points out that Hamas and the PIJ fire rockets at Israeli schools and kindergartens while using civilians as human shields.

“Hamas and PIJ, we ask you: What have you accomplished?” the video asks. “You spend millions on missiles and rockets instead of on your own children. You spend millions on terror tunnels instead of building homes. You spend millions on training militants instead of on education. You have proven again to the world that your desire to attack the Israeli people is greater than your will to help your own.”

Hamas and the PIJ fired around 700 rockets towards Israel over the weekend, killing four Israelis and wounding several others. A misfired Hamas rocket also killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her 14-month-old baby. Israel retaliated by targeting hundreds of Hamas and PIJ sites.

The IDF also tweeted that it had targeted Hamed Ahmed Khudari, who was responsible for funneling money from Iran to Hamas and the PIJ.

“Transferring Iranian money to Hamas & the PIJ doesn’t make you a businessman. It makes you a terrorist,” said the IDF.