Just a day after Israel confirmed an attack on Syrian military targets following the launch of two rockets at the Golan Heights, Syrian state-run media reported an Israeli attack on the T-4 airbase near Homs, Syria’s largest airbase.

There are conflicting reports as to the number of casualties resulting from the strike. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported five deaths, whereas the Syrian military reported just one solider killed and two wounded.

Syria’s state-run SANA TV reported that Syrian military officials had confirmed the destruction of a weapons storage facility and other buildings at the base. Two Israeli rockets were neutralized by Syrian forces, according to the report.

Israel has reportedly launched attacks in the past against the military base, which Israeli defense officials have said is being used by Iranian forces as part of Tehran’s efforts to entrench its forces in Syria.

The strike comes after a series of Israeli sorties early Sunday morning, which according to Human Rights Monitor killed 10, including seven “foreign fighters.” Sunday’s airstrikes came after two long-range missiles were launched from Syria towards the Golan Heights.