Meretz Party chairwoman Tamar Zandberg has called on Labor lawmakers from the Labor Party and others on the left to join forces with Meretz to ensure their focus is on left-wing ideology.

“Meretz is the party of the left in Israel, which can now be found in Meretz,” she said.

In an interview with Israel Hayom, Zandberg noted that Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay “has said himself that he is not on the left.”

Meretz Party chair Tamar Zandberg. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

She said that Meretz would not sit quietly in such a situation.

“I definitely see room for a left-wing union based on Meretz, and which brings members of the left together. They will, as I said, unite around Meretz. I call on Labor members to join me and join with Meretz on the basis of a clear left-wing ideology.”

As for the Labor party’s dismal showing in the polls, Zandberg said that was due to the fact that “for generations, the heads of Labor have always broken right.” She said the party had lost its way as a result.

She said allowing Meretz to be swallowed up by a centrist party would be unthinkable.

“I am holding talks with lawmakers and left-wing members in Labor who would like to express their positions but are biting their tongues,” she said.