Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan chaired the fourth annual Meeting of Israel-China Joint Committee on Innovation Cooperation, where eight joint agreements are expected to be signed related to innovation, science and technology, agriculture, life sciences and digital health. Netanyahu and Wang will sign the conference’s new multi-year plan.

“China is the second-largest economy in the world, growing rapidly. Israel is among the leading innovation nations in the world,” said Netanyahu. “It’s a global technological power.”

“It requires innovation and it requires scale. It’s the combination of the two that gives you the greatest effect and the greatest effectiveness,” he continued. “The combination of Israeli technology and innovation with Chinese industry, expertise, innovation and markets is very powerful.”

“There is a natural partnership between us,” added Netanyahu. “We want to expand it for the benefit of both our peoples. We want to expand it for the benefit of all of humanity, and I think the opportunities are vast.”

Prior to the meeting, the two leaders toured the innovation exhibit, where five Israeli companies featured their inventions related to artificial intelligence, medicine, agriculture, smart transportation and advanced vision technology.

The innovation committee commences annually alternatively in Jerusalem and Beijing, advancing cooperation between government officials from the Jewish state and China, in addition to joint initiatives pertaining to research in science and industry, and providing grants scholarships for Israeli and Chinese students.

Reportedly, the United States expressed concern over the Israel-China relationship. Israel assured the Trump administration that Israeli security was not part of the agenda.