An annual Iranian-backed, anti-Semitic rally in London is scheduled for Sunday.

The Al-Quds rally was established in Tehran by Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to call for Israel’s annihilation. It is also held in several cities around the world, including Toronto and Berlin, where last year anti-Semitic signs comparing Zionism with Nazism and calling for a boycott of Israel were widely distributed.

London’s rally has previously been attended by people such as Jeremy Corbyn, before becoming leader of the British Labour Party, and Rev. Stephen Sizer, known as an active pro-BDS and anti-Israel campaigner, who attended last year when the Israeli flag was lit on fire.

Massoud Shadjareh, the head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), which is one of the main organizers behind London’s Al-Quds’ march, said in 2013 outside the U.S. embassy in London, “You know people are rushing in large numbers from Britain, from Europe, from all around the world, from Arab countries to go and do jihad in Syria. What about jihad in Palestine? Why not even single one of them have gone to fight for Palestine for over 65 years.”

In a statement, Christians United for Israel U.K.’s executive director Des Starritt said, “The Al-Quds’ Day march is an anti-Semitic hate-fest known for advocating the destruction of Israel. London’s march has traditionally expressed support for Hezbollah and has no place on the streets of London.”

“We welcome the total ban of Hezbollah introduced earlier this year by the U.K. government that will make it more difficult for that support to be outwardly expressed,” he continued. “I hope that the [metropolitan] police will now use these new powers to crack down on any visible or verbal support for terror.”