Egyptian historian Bassam El Shammaa, interviewed by the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, repeated his claims of a post-World War II “counter Holocaust” carried out by Jews against the Germans, in which “60,000 to 80,000 Germans were killed . . . and 2 to 3 million Germans were persecuted and tortured.”

Following MEMRI’s translation of a previous TV appearance (to view, click here), Shammaa said “the Zionists are very interested in my shows,” and that “when I [talked about the counter Holocaust], they got upset with me.”

He recounted that during a trip to Jerusalem he had visited Yad Vashem and the “Israel” Museum—stressing that he had reservations about the name—and said: “I was surprised to find an entire kingdom of our Egyptian archaeological objects, which are held by the Zionists and put on display at the ‘Israel’ Museum.”

El Shammaa was interviewed by Nagwa Younis and the show aired on March 15.