The Indian Air Force has signed a deal with Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to procure some 200 advanced SPICE 2000 bombs for some $30 million, Indian media reported on Monday.

“SPICE,” which stands for “smart, precise impact, cost-effective,” is an Israeli electro-optic and GPS kit for converting unguided munitions into precision-guided ones.

Designed for air-to-ground missiles weighing 900 kilograms, it is considered especially advanced. The system is used by the Israel Air Force, where it is nicknamed “steel hailstones.”

The Indian Air Force has used SPICE bombs in counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan as recently as Feb. 26.

According to local media reports, the deal was classified as an “emergency procurement,” placed under the special financial powers given to the military by the Indian government.

Rafael is expected to supply India with the bombs within the next three months.

In 2014, the Indian Air Force brought a large number of SPICE bombs for about $100 million.

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.