The Israeli Navy and the U.S. Fifth Fleet ended their joint exercise dubbed “Digital Shield” on Thursday, according to the IDF.

Dozens of soldiers and commanders from the Israeli Navy and the U.S. Fifth Fleet participated in the exercise, which took place in the Gulf of Eilat.

During the drill, Israeli Navy manned vessels, Marines from the 915th Fleet and the “Snapir” Unit worked with unmanned vessels from the U.S. Fifth Fleet’s Task Force 59.

“The purpose of the exercise is strengthening cooperation between the militaries, constructing a shared understanding of the maritime domain as well as using artificial intelligence as part of the operational toolbox,” stated the IDF.

Israel’s Head of Naval Operations Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said, “The ‘Digital Shield’ exercise expresses the integration of advanced technology, an operational response and cooperation in the face of challenges that require a combined response to maintain maritime security.”


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