One cannot separate the macabre use the Palestinians make of their children as part of their struggle to destroy Israel from the heated discussions on the separation of the children of illegal immigrants to the United States from their parents.

True, the Palestinians sacrifice their children on the altar of Jew-hatred when they send them and sometimes even drag them to a confrontation with the Israel Defense Forces, knowing full well the risk involved.

Those who enter the United States illegally do not turn their children into human shields of the Palestinian kind. These immigrants risk a great deal when they head out on their path, but they are not motivated by an ideological urge to sacrifice their children to destroy the United States. Many simply hope to improve their families’ living conditions by moving to the wealthy neighbor to their north.

They are also obviously aware that taking children with them across the border illegally will increase their chances of bending U.S. immigration laws because who would be so heartless as to withstand the cries and smiles of day-old babies, and shut the gates of the land of opportunity in their faces? It is in this manner that these children are turned into tools.

The callous use of children as a political battering ram only increased in recent days, when all the bleeding hearts on both the left and the right began voicing their cries against the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents—a policy that has since been reversed—and yet again making shocking, if ludicrous, comparisons between tough U.S. immigration policy and the inhumanity of the Nazis.

This “conscientious mobilization,” similar to that which accuses Israel of intentionally murdering children, not only turns children into political soldiers, but increases the risk to their security and well-being. The Palestinians understand that images of children wounded by IDF gunfire are the best tactic for promoting hatred of Israel in the world—just as human traffickers who smuggle illegal aliens into Europe understand that images of children who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea are the best guarantee for the continuation of their business. So, too, do the gangs that control the southern border of the United States realize that children can serve their human-smuggling ventures.

Through their irresponsible actions, the “defenders of human and child rights” create a terrible reality for children who genuinely need protecting.

The situation on the U.S.-Mexico border and the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe attest to a reality that must be described accurately: invasion. It stems from the failure of most developing countries to successfully manage their internal affairs, whether political, economic or social.

In retrospect, the mass invasion is evidence of the failure of the decolonization movement. Many countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East that have fought to gain independence from colonial rule have turned into dictatorships and failed states and mafia states, whose citizens flee of their own accord straight into the arms of the former colonial powers.

And yet, the ability of these wealthy nations to absorb such mass immigration has its limits. This immigration has become a threat, including to the illegal immigrants themselves.

In order to prevent future human disasters, clear borders must be set and the root causes of such immigration must be dealt with in order to bring it to an end. A healthy global mechanism—not an ailing one like the United Nations, which is controlled by those very same failed states—will need to work to ensure that those countries stand on their own legs and under clear conditions.

This same global mechanism must also prevent the creation of additional failed states, as Palestine surely would be.

Eldad Beck is an Israeli journalist and author.