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The future of Israel’s judicial reform

“The Caroline Glick Show,” with Caroline Glick and guest Simcha Rothman, Ep. 53

This week’s guest on “The Caroline Glick Show” was Israeli Knesset member Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionism Party. As the chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, Rothman has been leading the effort to reform the Israeli judicial system, together with Justice Minister Yariv Levin.

Rothman explains why judicial reform is necessary to secure Israel’s future as a representative parliamentary democracy. As things stand, he says, the Supreme Court has unlimited power to dictate outcomes and zero accountability for its decisions.

Glick and Rothman discuss the nature of the anti-reform protest movement, which according to Glick has seen the Israeli left, both in and out of the Knesset, throw the rulebook on political behavior out the window in a way that has no precedent in Israeli history.

Rothman gives his assessment of where things are leading in light of the apparently unproductive negotiations between the coalition and opposition at the President’s Residence.

Finally, Glick asks Rothman to discuss his party’s views of Diaspora Jewry. Rothman explains the rationale for abrogating the so-called “Grandfather Clause” in Israel’s Law of Return, which provided immigration rights to non-Jews with one Jewish grandparent, and why the situation has no relevance for U.S. Jewry.

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