New details about the IDF’s covert operation inside the Gaza ‎Strip on Nov. 11 have emerged alleging that the commandos entered the coastal enclave in different times and from ‎different locations so as not to arouse the suspicion of Hamas security forces, a Lebanese newspaper reported Wednesday.

A special forces officer identified only as Lt. Col. M. was killed and ‎another soldier ‎was wounded during a clash ‎with Hamas operatives in the southern ‎Gaza Strip, and seven Hamas operatives were ‎killed in the ‎incident.‎

Information released by the Israel Defense Forces so far ‎said that Israeli special ‎forces ‎‎operating in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis ‎were ‎discovered by Hamas operatives at a checkpoint. A fierce ‎gunfight ‎erupted, and the Israeli troops found themselves trapped in their ‎vehicle.‎

Lt. Col. M. reportedly opened fire to draw attention away from his ‎comrades, enabling them to leave their vehicle and charge the ‎enemy. His action enabled the team to radio for aerial assistance, which ‎arrived within minutes to extract them. ‎

On Wednesday, Lebanon’s al-Akhbar newspaper, which is affiliated ‎with the Hezbollah terrorist group, quoted a senior Hamas official as ‎saying that the Israeli commandos entered Gaza through the Erez ‎pedestrian crossing, in the Gaza Strip’s north, while their equipment was ‎delivered through the Kerem Shalom cargo crossing, in its south. ‎

The Israeli troops were carrying fake IDs and once inside Gaza, ‎they met with a Palestinian collaborator who readied two vehicles ‎for them, the official said.‎

He said that while the main vehicle used by the Israeli ‎troops was destroyed by the IAF during the force’s extraction, ‎Hamas was able to seize what he called “sensitive equipment and ‎documents.”

The paper reported that Arab Israelis and Palestinians tipped ‎Hamas off as to the location of the troops in Khan Yunis, and that ‎Hamas had monitored the force’s movements and was able to ‎expose most of its missions.‎

The report reiterated Hamas’s claim that the Israeli commandos ‎sought to abduct or assassinate a top operative. The IDF maintains ‎the botched operation was a top-secret intelligence-gathering ‎mission.‎