With the demand for protective masks drastically increasing amid the coronavirus pandemic, an Israeli art student has designed something along those lines that makes life a bit more colorful right now.

As part of her first semester studio project on wearable technology, Yael Mordechay, a student of the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, worked on a protective mask against air pollution and different types of bacteria and viruses.

It was a product related to a future scenario that could potentially affect the world; little did Mordechay know how timely her choice would be.

Using the same technologies of massive gas masks and filters designed to provide protection from a nuclear war or from other chemical-related emergencies, she created a smaller, more comfortable, appealing and user-friendly mask.

To complete the look and in order to preserve the life and hygiene of the mask, she added a stylish case with UV light technology that neutralizes the particles and bacteria, and keeps the mask sterilized and safe for reusage.

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