A Jewish former Google employee is being praised by the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas after she resigned her position with the company after accusing it of retaliating against employees who express pro-Palestinian views. 

“Hamas hails the courageous stance of Google marketing manager, Ariel Koren, who rejects Google’s policy of providing services and logistical support to the Zionist occupation, which targets the Palestinian people and their rights, and accuses Google of being complicit in violations against Palestinian human rights,” Hamas wrote in a statement on its website on Wednesday, as first reported by the Washington Free Beacon. 

Koren, 28, resigned this week after seven years with the company, where she spent more than a year protesting Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion project in which Google and Amazon provide Israel and its military with artificial intelligence tools and computing services, according to The New York Times. 

According to the Times, Koren served as the most visible opponent of the contract. 

Koren announced her resignation in a blog post, where she claimed that the company’s retaliatory actions against her left her with no choice but to leave the company at the end of this week. 

“Instead of listening to employees who want Google to live up to its ethical principles, Google is aggressively pursuing military contracts and stripping away the voices of its employees through a pattern of silencing and retaliation towards me and many others,” wrote Koren, claiming that the company “systematically silences Palestinian, Jewish, Arab and Muslim voices concerned about Google’s complicity in violations of Palestinian human rights.” 


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