An inaugural exhibition at the Azrieli Gallery on Hanevi’im Street in Jerusalem (also known as “Hospitals Street”) at Hadassah Academic College’s new Helmsley Building opened its first-ever exhibit on medicine, designers and cultural implications, offering a glimpse into the world of modern-day developments in Israel.

The opening event took place on March 13, with the exhibit running until June 13.

Works on display present the many tools designers bring to the field.

Included are projects developed for corporations, solutions for individual users, independent initiatives, research projects and efforts that borrow the practices, tools and language from the world of medicine for the benefit of various cultural advances.

The Azrieli Gallery at Hadassah Academic College’s new Helmsley Building in Jerusalm, which is featuring an exhibit on medicine, designers and cultural implications from March 13 to June 13, 2019. Credit: Hadassah Academic College.

The exhibition highlights the fact that designers are an active force who effectually fashion contemporary perceptions of health.

Future designers have the ability to serve as cultural commentators in design situations, and to formulate new developments that will influence the mesh of forces at play in modern medical systems.

The exhibit is headed by Judith Guetta of the Photography Department, and the curator is Hadassah Academic College graduate Tal Schwartz.