U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides confirmed Wednesday night that two American citizens were among those wounded in two explosions at busy bus stops located near entrances to Jerusalem earlier in the day.

Sadly, I can now confirm that two U.S. citizens were among those injured in today’s terror attacks in Jerusalem,” tweeted Nides. “As we head into Thanksgiving, I am grateful that they will recover. I pray for a peaceful holiday in the U.S., Jerusalem, or wherever you may be celebrating.”

Aryeh Shechopek, a 16-year-old Israeli-Canadian on his way to his yeshiva in Beit Meir, nine miles west of Jerusalem, was slain in the first attack around 7 a.m. A total of 20 people have been wounded. The victims were evacuated to Jerusalem’s Shaare Tzedek and Hadassah Ein Kerem medical centers.

Authorities believe that the twin blasts, about 30 minutes apart, were caused by two remotely detonated bombs packed with nails to cause maximum damage.

Israel Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai visited one of the scenes and held a situation assessment together with Jerusalem Police District head Doron Turgeman.

“This is a type of attack that we haven’t seen for many years,” said Shabtai.

He called on the public to be alert for suspicious packages, adding that every bus in Jerusalem would be searched.


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