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Who’s who in Netanyahu’s government

The ministers in Israel's 37th government.

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with Likud MKs during a Knesset vote, Dec. 28, 2022. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.
Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with Likud MKs during a Knesset vote, Dec. 28, 2022. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.

The following is the current list of ministers in Israel’s incoming government. It is the sixth Israeli government Benjamin Netanyahu will head.

1. Prime Minister / Benjamin Netanyahu / Likud

2. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Health, Minister of the Interior and Periphery / Aryeh Deri / Shas

3. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development / Avi Dichter / Likud

4. Minister of Aliyah and Integration / Ofir Sofer / Religious Zionist

5. Minister of Communications / Shlomo Karhi / Likud

6. Minister of Housing and Construction / Yitzhak Goldknopf / United Torah Judaism (UTJ)

7. Minister of Culture and Sport / Miki Zohar / Likud

8. Minister of Defense / Yoav Galant / Likud

9. Minister for Negev, Galilee, Minister for National Resilience / Yitzhak Wasserlauf / Otzma Yehudit

10. Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Minister for Social Equality / Amichai Chikli / Likud

11. Minister of the Economy / Nir Barkat / Likud

12. Minister of Regional Cooperation, Minister of Education / Yoav Kisch / Likud

13. Minister in the Education Ministry / Haim Biton / Shas

14. Minister of Environmental Protection / Idit Silman / Likud

15. Minister of Finance, Minister in the Defense Ministry / Bezalel Smotrich / Religious Zionist

16. Minister of Foreign Affairs / Eli Cohen / Likud

17. Minister of Heritage / Amihai Eliyahu / Otzma Yehudit

18. Minister of Strategic Affairs / Ron Dermer

19. Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Tradition / Meir Porush / UTJ

20. Minister of Justice / Yariv Levin / Likud

21. Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services / Ya’akov Margi / Shas

22. Minister in the Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry / Yoav Ben-Tzur / Shas

23. Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water / Israel Katz / Likud

24. Minister of National Missions / Orit Strook / Religious Zionist

25. Minister of National Security / Itamar Ben-Gvir / Otzma Yehudit

26. Minister of Religious Affairs / Michael Malchieli / Shas

27. Minister of Science and Technology / Ofir Akunis / Likud

28. Minister of Tourism / Haim Katz / Likud

29. Minister of Transportation / Miri Regev / Likud

30. Minister of Culture and Sports / Miki Zohar / Likud

31. Minister of Intelligence / Gila Gamliel / Likud

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