Palestinian Sheikh Nael Mossran said in a Friday sermon in Gaza that Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani—the Saudi Air Force officer who shot and killed three U.S. service members at the Pensacola Naval Station in Pensacola, Fla. on Dec. 6—had felt overcome with compassion for the Islamic nation, and that the last thing Alshamrani said had been that America is a nation of evil.

Sheikh Mossran said: “[People] started to paint this young man as a criminal [and] calling him evil, criminal, and backward … as if America spread flowers in every country its air force has been through.”

He said that the United States is waging an organized crusade against Islam that can only be stopped by an organized Islam and by jihad for the sake of Allah.

The sermon was delivered at the Al-Huda Mosque in Rafah in the Gaza Strip and uploaded to Sheikh Mossran’s YouTube channel on Dec. 22.

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