A Palestinian held by Israel on suspicion of terrorist involvement is in critical condition and could die at any moment according to his doctors, the Associated Press reported.

Khalil Awadeh, 40, has reportedly been subsisting only on water for some 170 days to protest his administrative detention.

The Israeli military arrested Awawdeh last December, claiming he was an operative for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. According to the military, evidence supporting this claim could not be shown in court as it would endanger intelligence sources.

An Israeli military court on Friday temporarily suspended Awawdeh’s detention to allow him to receive medical care at an Israeli hospital.

Awawdeh’s lawyer last week petitioned the Supreme Court to have him released, but the request was rejected on Sunday on grounds that there was “solid and strong justification for the decision of administrative detention,” according to AP.

PIJ reportedly conditioned the ceasefire earlier this month that ended “Operation Breaking Dawn” on promises by international mediators to work towards the release of Awawdeh along with Bassam al-Saadi, PIJ’s leader in Judea and Samaria.

The three-day conflict, during which Gaza Strip-based terrorists fired some 1,100 projectiles at the Jewish state, was partially precipitated by the arrest of Sa’adi in Jenin on Aug. 1. Sa’adi.

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Sunday that it would formally indict Sa’adi on charges including membership in a terror group, perpetrating terrorist acts, and incitement to violence.


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