Dear President Trump,

According to a recent report, you are frustrated that the American Jewish community is not more supportive of your presidency. I share in this frustration. So let me say, as an American Jew, thank you Mr. President. Thank you for all you are doing for Israel and the Jewish people.

Thank you for appointing Ken Marcus, founder of the Brandeis Center that fights campus anti-Semitism, to the office of Civil Rights at the Department of Education. Because of this appointment, Jews on campus facing rising anti-Semitism finally have an advocate in government. Ken is reopening a case regarding Rutgers University allowing discrimination against Jewish students—a case the Obama Administration disregarded. In addition, under your leadership, the U.S. Department of Civil Rights is now adopting the State Department definition of anti-Semitism, which includes demonization, double standards and delegitimization of Israel. This will afford better protections to Jewish students.

The greatest manifestation of anti-Semitism today is hatred of Israel. This is known as the “New Anti-Semitism” where hostility isn’t directed against individual Jews, but towards Israel, the Jewish nation. It is no coincidence that the country most condemned by the United Nations and targeted for boycotts around the world is the only Jewish one. As such, the most effective way one can combat anti-Semitism today is by supporting Israel, something you are doing at unprecedented levels for an American President.

Thank you for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. According to Allen Estrin, producer of the Dennis Prager talk show, you stated on a phone call with Jewish leaders that of all the decisions you have made, you never received more pressure from world leaders trying to influence you than with this issue. They were all urging you not to make the move and were warning of dire consequences if you did. Despite this, you did the right thing helping to further solidify the indisputable Jewish connection to Jerusalem. And, of course, all the dire predictions were proven false. Very few individuals would have had the courage to make that decision.

Thank you for your actions against the Palestinian Arabs. You wisely pulled America out of the corrupt U.N. “refugee” organization UNRWA, which intentionally perpetuates the conflict, and signed the Taylor Force Act into law, which reduces American aid to the Palestinian Arabs because they subsidize terrorists. As you know, Palestinian Arab children are taught from a young age to hate Jews. Palestinian culture—the schools, sports and entertainment—is drenched in anti-Semitism and veneration of terrorists. Thankfully, you understand this and are taking steps to pressure the Palestinians to reform their society. Only when the Palestinian Arabs end their war against Israel, and recognize its right to exist, will there be peace. Your actions make that more likely.

Thank you Mr. President for pulling America out of the disastrous JCPOA (2015 Iran nuclear deal). This deal enriched the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world with billions of dollars and paved its path to a nuclear weapon. It provided Iran with new resources to fund Hamas and Hezbollah, both committed to the destruction of the Jewish state. Thanks to the new sanctions you are implementing, Iran—a country that regularly calls for a second Holocaust—is less likely to achieve its destructive goals. There should be no greater cause for the Jewish people than preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. You are a true partner in this effort.

For all this and more, from an American Jew, thank you Mr. President.

Sam Levine is a pro-Israel activist living in the Bay Area, Calif.