According to the 2019 Gallup Global Emotions Report, Palestinians are the fourth angriest people in the world.

Surveying more than 151,000 people in 140-plus countries and territories, indexes focused on positive and negative experiences.

While Armenians were found to be the world’s angriest people, followed by Iraqis and Iranians, Palestinian Authority residents came in at fourth place, with 43 percent of P.A. residents reporting feelings of anger, compared to just 24 percent of Israelis. While 50 percent of P.A. residents said they felt well-rested, so did 61 percent of Israelis.

Both reported similar levels of smiling or laughing—68 percent of Israelis and 64 percent of P.A. Arabs. Some 90 percent of P.A. residents said they felt respected, more than Israelis at 83 percent.

The countries with the highest ratings for positive experiences were Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

The countries with the lowest were Egypt, Chad, Bangladesh, Northern Cyprus and Nepal.

The countries with the highest negative experiences were Chad, Niger, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Iran. “Palestinian Territories” was listed ninth.