The ideal of dying as a “martyr” continues to be promoted regularly by the Palestinian Authority and Abbas’s Fatah Party. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that “martyrs” have cult-like status in the P.A.

Following a recent terror attack in which the terrorist stabbed and wounded 4 Israeli policemen, a host on official P.A. TV read a poem in the terrorist’s honor.

The poem glorifies martyrdom-death in battle and states that the 72 “Dark-Eyed” Virgins in Paradise who the martyr marries according to Islamic tradition, are “yearning” for the Palestinian martyr:

Official P.A. TV host: “About the Jerusalem Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Abu Jamal (terrorist, wounded 4 -Ed.) we say:

I am the Palestinian lion cub
I was planted in my land, like the olive and fig tree
My roots reach Canaan
The blood of the Martyrs flows in my veins,
I am like a lion in the fields [of battle]
If the drums of war call
I harvest the souls in the fields
I guard the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the [Dome of the] Rock
My eyes will not close, and my head will not bow
I am the Palestinian lion cub
The armies of treachery fear me
The Dark-Eyed [Virgins] yearn for me
I have not sold my homelands, and have not given up my assault rifle
Today I carry my shrouds, and in my heart my faith strengthens
Because victory and liberation are coming at the hands of the lion cubs [Official P.A. TV, Good Morning Jerusalem, Nov. 23, 2018]

It should be noted that the terrorist was 17 years old, and that the term “lion cub” repeated in the poem is the name for boys in Fatah’s youth club, which is named “Lion Cubs and Flowers.” The “lion cubs,” children of similar age or younger than the 17-year-old terrorist who is being honored in the poem and who the Dark-Eyed virgins yearn for, are being urged to kill—to “harvest souls” in the battlefield.

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