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The plight of Jews on campus is the plight of Jews everywhere in the US

The “Caroline Glick Show,” with Caroline Glick and guest Jason Greenblatt.

The plight of Jews on US campuses is becoming the plight of Jews everywhere in the country, Caroline Glick warns in the latest episode of the “Caroline Glick Show.

“Anti-Zionism on campus, the redefinition of Judaism, the denigration of Judaism, the suppression of expressions of Judaism, all of these things are not only in order to persecute Jews,” Glick argues, “but also to mobilize progressives to hate Jews and to transform progressive America and through progressive America, the United States as a whole, into an antisemitic country, where the plight of Jews on campus becomes the plight of Jews everywhere in the United States.”

According to Glick, the effects of these phenomena are already visible in many ways, including in the Kanye West controversy.

Glick says that, in light of this situation, Jews need to strengthen their identity, drawing inspiration from the history of the festival of Hanukkah, which ends today.

“Hanukkah is a celebration of another Jewish revolt against cultural imperialism,” she remarks. “We should stop trying to engage people who want to cancel us whether in the United States or anywhere else, but particularly on college campuses.”

“There is so much to celebrate about being authentic Jews, about being Zionists,” she emphasizes.

The secret behind the Abraham Accords

In addition, Glick hosts Former White House Middle East Envoy Jason D. Greenblatt. The two discuss the novel approach that allowed the Trump administration to achieve the Abraham Accords.

“We weren’t interested in wasting time,” he says. “Either we were going to accomplish something, or fail, and then go home.”

According to Greenblatt, speaking hard truths and acknowledging the reality on the ground were key factors in achieving important results.

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