Fatah is celebrating the birth of the new grandson of Palestinian Authority darling and role model Latifa Abu Hmeid—the mother of six terrorists responsible for at least 10 murders. The child’s father, one of her imprisoned sons, was involved in the murder of four Israelis and is serving five life sentences. He had his sperm smuggled out of prison.

For more than a decade, the P.A. has promoted Abu Hmeid, also known as “Um Nasser,” as an example for Palestinian mothers. In 2010, the PA awarded her “the Plaque of Resoluteness and Giving,” and in 2011, the P.A. chose her to launch their statehood campaign with the United Nations. P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas himself invited her to meet with him in 2018.

The “terror mom” has been called “a crown on all of our heads,” “a maker of men and of the future,” “the Oak Tree of Palestine” and “Khansa of Palestine”a reference to a woman in the earliest period of Islam who rejoiced when all four of her sons were killed in battles as martyrs for Islam. A PLO official praised Um Hmeid and other mothers for “sacrificing heroes and torches of freedom that have lit the skies of Palestine.”

PMW calculated that the cumulative payments from the P.A. to the sons and mother of this terrorist family through June 2019, as a reward for killing Israelis, amounted to $1,279,870 (NIS 4,786,400 shekels).

The following text was posted to Fatah’s official Facebook page on June 15:

“A child from smuggled sperm. The mother of prisoners and Martyrs, Um Nasser Abu Hmeid, holds her grandson Yaman in her arms, the son of prisoner Nasr Abu Hmeid, who is serving five life sentences.”
The image shows Latifa Abu Hmeid holding the infant son.