The U.S. Army plans to purchase Israel’s Trophy ‎defense system to shield its Abrams tanks, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced ‎on Tuesday.‎

The contract is worth $193 million, the company ‎said.‎

Trophy, also known as the Windbreaker defense ‎system, is an active anti-tank missiles and rocket-defense system designed to intercept and destroy ‎incoming projectiles with a shotgun-like blast. ‎

The system was declared operational in 2011 and has ‎since been installed on more than 1,000 IDF tanks and armored ‎personnel carriers. ‎

The American defense ‎contractor Leonardo DRS, Inc., partnered with ‎Rafael to manufacture them.‎

According to Rafael, under the terms of the ‎contract, “Leonardo DRS will provide the [U.S.] Army ‎with Trophy systems, countermeasures and ‎maintenance kits.” ‎

Aaron Hankins, of Leonardo DRS, said his company “is ‎proud to be a part of this important effort to bring ‎life-saving technology to our war-fighters, and we ‎are actively investing to ensure Trophy provides a ‎solid, American-made foundation for the Army’s ‎coming Vehicle Protection Suite program.”

Moshe Elazar, executive vice president and head of ‎Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division, said “our ‎company has been providing defense solutions to the ‎U.S. military for more than two decades. We are ‎proud to continue doing so with the Windbreaker [Trophy] ‎system.”