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Pennsylvania’s presidential primary conflicts with Passover

Officials are trying to reschedule the contest for earlier than April 23, 2024.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jared Solomon. Credit:
Pennsylvania State Rep. Jared Solomon. Credit:

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jared Solomon doesn’t want to have “to choose between celebrating Passover and going to the polls.”

The Jewish Democrat, who represents Philadelphia in Pennsylvania’s General Assembly, is one of many prominent voices in the state pushing to change the date of next year’s presidential primary vote from April 23, the second day of the Jewish holiday.

The state’s governor, Josh Shapiro, who is Jewish and lives in the Philadelphia suburbs, is also supporting a different date.

Shapiro’s press secretary, Manual Bonder, said: “The governor supports moving the 2024 primary to ensure that observers of Passover have every opportunity to exercise their right to vote and looks forward to working with the General Assembly to change the date.”

Solomon sponsored legislation to change the primary date, stating that he hoped voting earlier in the year would increase Pennsylvania’s level of influence in the national primaries.

“I just have always wanted to bump it up so that we’re in the mix with other states,” he said.

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