The hospitality firm Selina Ltd. is scheduled to open the first of several locations in Tel Aviv this summer, Yossi Mautner, head of Selina Israel, told the Israeli financial news site Calcalist.

The company has been in Israel since it signed a deal last year for three Templar buildings in the Neve Tzedek and Florentine neighborhoods, Mautner told the outlet. The first location is expected to be more than 16,145 square feet and contain 145 beds.

Founded in 2014 by Israeli former real estate developers Daniel Rudasevski and Rafael Museri, who were inspired by a trip to Panama several years beforehand, Selina administers community living and co-working space for travelers as a way to enhance experiences for both tourists and local residents. The company currently has 10,000 beds among 44 locations spanning Central America, South America and Portugal.

Adam Neumann, the Israeli American co-founder of the shared workspace firm WeWork, is an investor.

Every Selina hostel consists of a co-working space, gym, library, movie theater and complimentary kitchen.

The second location, projected to open in the summer of 2020, is estimated at 32,300 square feet with 250 beds, Mautner told Calcalist.