The University of Maryland’s student government is expected to vote on a resolution next week calling on the school to “to divest from companies engaged in human-rights violations in Palestine.”

The April 24 vote coincides with Passover, which begins at sundown on April 19 and ends at nightfall on April 27.

The Jewish community at UMD slammed the timing of the proposed move.

“The timing of this resolution is particularly insensitive given that many Jewish students will be away from campus this weekend for Passover, and will be celebrating the intermediary days of the holiday when the vote takes place,” said UMD Hillel staff member Elan Burman in an email to the community.

Supporters of the resolution include, but are not limited to, the African Student Association, UMD Young Democratic Socialists of America and UMD Pride Alliance.

“This is a battle against Zionism, a movement that does not define our Jewish brothers and sisters, but instead characterizes those who lack a sense of humanity and withhold an abnormal level of nationalism for Israel,” said UMD Muslim Alliance for Social Change in a solidarity statement shared by UMD Divest.

petition promoted by the Terps United Against BDS coalition states that “BDS campaigns can create a hostile campus atmosphere that singles out Jewish and pro-Israel students, and subjects them to intimidation and bullying.”

UMD’s student government failed to pass a BDS resolution in 2017.