Kuwaiti singer Dr. Monia Al-Hob said in a Jan. 27 interview on Al-Rawdatain TV (Kuwait) that Muslims must not recognize Israel. She cited a hadith that said the Muslims will fight the Jews on Judgement Day, and that the trees and rocks will call to the Muslims and tell them about Jews that are hiding behind them.

Al-Hob also claimed that the Jews plant gharqad trees everywhere they go because this is the only kind of tree that will not call to the Muslims on Judgement Day. She further said that there will be eight gates to Hell on Judgement Day, and that one of them will be a special gate for the Jews.

She emphasized that the “Zionist entity” is unacceptable, that relations with Israel must never be normalized and that the legal punishment for doing so should be hard labor and a large fine.

Al-Hob, who was born Hoda Abd Al-Rahman, is also a dental surgeon. She used to present a medical show on Kuwait TV.