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Dave Rubin: Israel can help US through its identity crisis

“The Caroline Glick Show” with Caroline Glick and guest Dave Rubin, Ep. 52

Caroline’s guest in this week’s “Caroline Glick Show” was superstar podcast host David Rubin of the “Rubin Report.” Rubin is visiting Israel this week with his team, preparing a documentary.

Rubin and Glick discussed the role Judaism played in Rubin’s journey from the progressive left to the conservative camp. Liberal Jews have had a great ride in the United States, Rubin explained, but there is no place for Jews in the woke revolution. Jews have no place in the woke ecosystem which likes to place people in boxes and define them by victimhood. Israel’s refusal to be a victim and the distance between our times and the Holocaust make it impossible for Jews to be placed in the victim box. And woke revolutionaries’ rejection of meritocracy banishes Jews from the elite universities and other institutions where they have long risen to success based on merit.

Rubin explained that despite the current cleavages between globalist secularists and nationalist traditionalists in Israel, which seem to be pulling Israel apart, Israel has been exceedingly successful in melding the two. America, he explained needs to follow Israel’s example.

In her opening Caroline discussed her experience speaking at the mass rally in Jerusalem last week for judicial reform and her impressions of the largest demonstration in Israel’s history.

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