An Oct. 16 conference titled “Anti-Semitism: Truth or Political Justification,” at the building of the Association for the Defense of Palestine, marked the anniversary of the “assassination of Amir Tavakkol Kambouziya, a pioneer of the struggle against Zionism in Iran.”

It was attended by, inter alia, Ali Reza Soltan-Shahi and Shams Al-Din Rahmani; both spoke at the event.

Soltan-Shahi, the event’s organizer, is secretary-general of the Organization for Aiding the Islamic Revolution of the Palestinian People in the Office of the Iranian Presidency as well as a member of the Free Palestine team at the NEDA Institute for Scientific Political Research. Shams Al-Din Rahmani is a researcher of Palestine and Zionism and was a pupil of Amir Tavakkol Kambouziya (d. 1975),who was a writer and an opponent of the Shah.

These two speakers reiterated well-known anti-Semitic tropes, such as the Jews being the source of evil in the world and their control of the global economy which they arrived at by controlling the sources of money and oil. Denying the Holocaust, they claimed that the Jews were exploiting this “tale” to achieve their ends.

According to Rahmani, the Jews are assassinating all those who do not cooperate with them, and the murderer of Imam Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law and cousin and the Fourth Caliph, was a Jew. He even stated in his speech that Islamic culture was essentially anti-Semitic and that “no book in the world spreads the spirit of anti-Semitism like the Koran.”

Recently, the Iranian news agency Fars, which is close to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), reported on a book titled Antisemitism: Truth or Political Justification, which was published in 2018 by the Institution for Strategic Studies and Research, and with the cooperation of the Shahid Kazemi publishing house.

The book includes an introduction and six chapters discussing anti-Semitism and analyzing “this made-in-Europe political myth [i.e., the Holocaust] that has spread across the world.”

Full report at MEMRI.