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Caroline Glick: This is what Netanyahu needs to do

“The Caroline Glick Show,” with guest Amnon Lord, Ep. 45

On this week’s “Caroline Glick” show, Caroline is joined by Israeli journalist and Makor Rishon columnist Amnon Lord.

Lord grew up on a kibbutz, in the cradle of the left, and his insights into the left’s mentality and interests are key to understanding what drives the leaders of the anti-judicial reform camp, and how the Netanyahu government needs to handle their increasingly violent efforts to bring the government and Knesset to their knees.

Growing lawlessness and division

The latest news of the left’s insurrection against the Netanyahu government came Saturday night when, amid mass protests in Tel Aviv, Israel Police Commissioner Yaakov “Kobi” Shabtai gave a press conference in which he effectively stated that he views non-legal orders by the attorney general as being more weighty than the lawful orders he receives from the National security minister.

The growing lawlessness of the leftist rioters and the increasing cowardice of the IDF and police in the face of their aggressive rejection of the will of the voters, as expressed in the Nov. 1 election, are pushing the country further and further into crisis. 

International problems

Internationally, a new Saudi-Iranian pact has been brokered by the Chinese, further eroding American power in the Middle East and dashing hopes that further Arab countries would join the Abraham Accords. The Biden administration’s praise of the deal and its soft policies in response to Chinese aggression leave Israel in a troubling spot on the world stage. 

Leadership is needed

In her opening, Glick posits that now is the time for Netanyahu to show leadership and remind Israelis that despite our differences and disagreements, “We are all brothers.” Left to face a nuclear-threshold-state Iran alone, Netanyahu must explain clearly why legal reform is needed, propose a compromise and unite the nation under one banner to face our national threats. 

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