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Biden administration floats Iran agreement that would ease some sanctions

“The Biden administration doesn’t have a clue,” tweeted the Republican Jewish Coalition.

U.S. President Joe Biden. Source: Twitter/@POTUS.
U.S. President Joe Biden. Source: Twitter/@POTUS.

Move over JCPOA. There could be a new Iran nuclear deal in town.

Biden administration officials have been floating a proposed agreement with Tehran among European and Israeli partners. The terms “would include some sanctions relief in exchange for Tehran freezing parts of its nuclear program,” Axios reported.

An Israeli official and a Western diplomat told Axios that Iran has rejected the proposal.

The Republican Jewish Coalition also rejected it. “The Biden administration doesn’t have a clue,” tweeted the RJC. “The only way to effectively re-engage with Iran must be with a new, broader, stronger and permanent deal.”

Jason Brodsky, policy director at the nonprofit United Against Nuclear Iran, tweeted that Tehran’s response was unsurprising. “Iran has rejected an interim deal multiple times since 2021,” he wrote.

Matthew Brodsky, a Gold Institute for International Strategy senior fellow, wrote: “While I wait to hear more details on the deal, I know it will be bad for the U.S. and our allies.”

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