Following heavy rainfalls in eastern Yemen and the Sudan-Eritrea border, Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued a warning that locust swarms may arrive in Israel.

The Plant Protection and Inspection Services department of the Ministry are coordinating with the United Nations to receive updates on locust movement in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, according to a report by Ynet.

As part of the preparations, Israel is checking its supply of pesticide. Though the insects do not pose a threat of disease, they can wreak havoc on agricultural crops.

A U.N. report indicates that the locusts are making their way towards Israel, but still have far to travel and may not opt to make a visit to the Jewish state.

The last time Israel was hit by a swarm of locusts was in 2013. Though Israel managed to hit the swarm with a wall of pesticide on the border with Sinai, some insects still managed to enter into central Israel.