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Ignorance and complacency may cost us our dignity, liberty and freedom

Too many evil forces are exploiting us to advance their agendas.

A protester flies an upside-down American flag through the streets of one of the cities beset by riots in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 29, 2020. Source: Screenshot.
A protester flies an upside-down American flag through the streets of one of the cities beset by riots in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 29, 2020. Source: Screenshot.
Shmuel Katz. Photo: Courtesy.
Shmuel Katz
Dr. Shmuel Katz is a fellow of the Israeli Surgical Society, the American College of Surgeons and other medical societies.

We are in a period in our lives when the culture of not communicating and not listening to others has become a pathological norm, and “cancel culture” has become an everyday term. Unfortunately, it is being exploited by too many self-serving operatives who exploit this situation to their own advantage and to our detriment.

For example, look carefully with open eyes and ears at the situation within the educational system, the political system and within the printed and electronic media; you will be astonished at what you discover.

We are indoctrinated to believe that the information we are receiving from certain outlets is the only valid input that we should consider, while we should actively ignore or disparage any other source of information. This situation has become even worse, when some people force others to shut up unless you agree with them. You’ll find these situations in schools, universities and even in regular conversations between ordinary people. The situation has become so sad that even within the same family people are enticed to play one against the other. Too often, we are not allowed to have conversations addressing controversial topics, even if during the interaction, we may educate each other or agree to disagree about certain issues.

Dealing with objective information is very important and it should be properly addressed in a wise way. This search for truth was taken recently to a different level. I witnessed a bizarre new phenomenon among private people who have finally decided to engage in conversation, but will fact-check their opponents as they speak. This is very significant because it shows that they are not really listening to each other, but instead are trying to debunk each other’s arguments. To add to this, even the fact-checkers themselves sometimes have their own agendas, and therefore will be inaccurate.

It is obvious that people may make mistakes or say or do some inappropriate things throughout their lives. One of the disturbing problems about this is that sometimes, similar situations will be judged differently, based on who the person is. As a consequence, when we look at certain situations objectively, we may be hitting a wall of resistance by those who have their own agendas. Obviously, this cannot be explained rationally, unless we bring into the equation some of their self-interests or other sinister motives.

Take, for example, the situation at Charlottesville, Va., where President Donald Trump’s comments about “fine people on both sides” were taken out of context and used to call him a racist, even though there is clear evidence that he did not mean it the way it was manipulated by some self-serving individuals.

Another very important example is the way that the recent vicious riots in multiple Democrat-led cities were described in most media outlets. These violent riots were largely ignored until polling data started to show that they had a negative effect on the ratings of the Democrat party.

At that point, the tone of the message changed and the media started accusing the president of being responsible for these events, even though the absolute majority of the riots occurred in traditionally Democrat-run cities with Democrat mayors and governors. The fact that the president offered to send federal help to those cities was ignored by most of the local leaders, who would not even allow their own police forces to effectively respond to the riots.

One of the most recent tactics used against the president is the claim that he was inciting violence, which ignores the fact that he offered the local authorities aid with various federal agents and national guards to restore law and order. Unfortunately, these local leaders refused to receive the president’s offer to help.

From listening to many Democrat politicians and their supporters, it is obvious and alarming to note that they personally were at the forefront of encouraging violence. And unless Twitter has blocked it, watch the video with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing her blue suit here.

We must look also at the big picture. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa organizations make me nervous and concerned about the eventual unintended consequences to our liberty and freedom, which will have a serious effect upon our future should they prevail.

There are many legitimate disagreements within the population about multiple topics that should be addressed in a civilized manner. Taking the opposite positions of your opponents just to make them look bad, or using the same position of your opponent while accusing your opponent of not taking adequate action, is another common inappropriate practice.

When I need to go to a surgeon, my biggest concern is whether he or she is a competent surgeon with a good track record. Considerations about the doctor’s bedside manners are important, but probably will not affect the overall quality of the care that I will receive, nor the expected results of the treatment. Therefore, the doctor’s personal attitude will not be at the top of the list in determining if I would trust this doctor with my life. The same notion applies to Trump.

When considering important decisions at the ballot box, multiple questions must be considered very seriously, such as:

  • Do we want “open borders”?
  • Do we want irresponsible immigration policies?
  • Do we want to pay higher taxes?
  • Do we want to limit the ability of the police to protect the citizens?
  • Do we want to live in a country with out-of-control unrest?
  • Do we want to live in a racially divided country?
  • Do we want to relinquish our right to bear arms to protect ourselves?
  • Do we want sanctuary cities to protect criminals?
  • Do we want to renew the dangerous Iran deal?
  • Do we want to limit our healthcare options?
  • Do we want to have higher medication prices?
  • Do we want to undermine American workers?
  • Do we want to prevent parents from having a say about what is being taught to their children?
  • Do we want to deny parents’ choice on which school to send their children?
  • Do we want to be energy dependent on foreign sources?
  • Do we want to pay more for our energy needs?
  • Do we want to be disadvantaged in international deals?
  • Do we want to be exploited economically by self-serving big interest groups?
  • Do we want to keep our economy closed artificially, ignoring sound scientific recommendations?
  • Do we want our voices to be silenced by self-serving media outlets and others?
  • Do we want to shrink our military?

As it stands today, if you answered NO to all, or even to most, of the above questions, you are most likely a principled conservative who understands that America stands at a precipice. We cannot allow ignorance and complacency to cost us our dignity, liberty and freedoms.

Dr. Shmuel Katz was born in Hungary, raised in Israel. served as an officer in the Six-Day War, gained extensive trauma experience during the Yom Kippur War, is double-boarded in surgery, a fellow of the Israeli Surgical Society and of the American College of Surgeons and other medical societies. He is on the board of many pro-Israel organizations. This article was reposted from Frontpage Magazine, sent to JNS by the author.

The opinions and facts presented in this article are those of the author, and neither JNS nor its partners assume any responsibility for them.

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