The family of Muhammad Yousef, who infiltrated the town of Adam in July and stabbed Yotam Ovadia to death, received notice that their house will be demolished by the Israel Defense Forces.

On July 26, Yotam Ovadia, a 31-year-old father of two, was stabbed multiple times in the upper body by 17-year-old Yousef, who had infiltrated Ovadia’s hometown of Adam, 11 miles from his own home of Kobar in Samaria. Yousef attacked another resident of the community, but was ultimately stopped by another Adam resident, who witnessed the attacks and shot Yousef dead.

Following the attack, Yousef’s family home was raided by the IDF. On Monday, the military issued formal notification to the family that their home would be destroyed.

The Yousefs will have the opportunity to appeal to Israel’s High Court of Justice, although the body has only rarely issued injunctions against demolition in such cases.