Former Iraqi Parliament member Mithal Al-Alusi said in an April 21 interview on Asia TV (Iraq) that he has no problem visiting Israel, and putting “an end to the great Arab and Islamist lie” surrounding Jerusalem, which he said he does not view as an Arab capital plundered by the Zionist entity.

He said that he is more concerned with helping Iraqis and with Iraq’s food security, which he said would improve if he traveled to Israel and built a “bridge between the half-a-million Iraqi Jews and Iraq.”

Al-Alusi said: “Whether Israel is a plunderer or not is none of my business. … Let [the Palestinians] sort this out themselves.”

He also said that he won’t sell Iraq out for the sake of “lying Palestinian mercenaries” like former PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, pointing out that Palestinian ministers live in prosperity.

Finally, Al-Alusi asserted that Israel is a legitimate state.