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Caroline Glick: The challenges of freedom on the eve of Passover

"The Caroline Glick Show" with Caroline Glick and guest Michael Doran, Ep. 48

President Joe Biden’s unprecedented attack on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week was just the latest sign that the Biden administration is deeply hostile towards the Jewish state.

In this week’s Caroline Glick Show, Caroline is joined by Michael Doran from the Hudson Institute. Glick and Doran discuss the causes of U.S. hostility, how the Biden administration views the Middle East, and the growing ties between China and Iran. They widened the lens to look at the general crack-up of U.S. strategic rationality in world affairs.

Finally, they zeroed in on Azerbaijan, the threat it poses to Iran and the opportunity it presents to Israel and, if the United States is interested, to America for defeating Iran and containing Russia and China. Join them for a guided tour through the strategic terrain of Israel, the Middle East and Central Asia as Washington betrays its allies and itself on behalf of the radical ideology captivating the Biden administration and the Democrat Party.

In her opening remarks, Caroline considered the lessons of faith and courage that Israel should take from the story of Passover as it faces the challenge of going forward and securing its survival in times of great uncertainty and threat with a polarized, angry and deeply worried populace.

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