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The Israeli and the American flags are screened on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, on May 14, 2019. Photo by Aharon Krohn/Flash90.
The Israeli and the American flags are screened on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, on May 14, 2019. Photo by Aharon Krohn/Flash90.
Alex Traiman
Alex Traiman is CEO and Jerusalem Bureau Chief of Jewish News Syndicate.

Dear Friend,

2021 has been a challenging year for Jews around the world.

Iran continues to enrich uranium and is racing closer to nuclear breakout. Yet instead of further sanctions, Western powers are intent on renegotiating a deal to finance the Islamic Republic.

Back in May, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza launched 4,000 missiles at Israeli population centers, while Israeli Arabs rioted in cities including Lod and Akko.

Over the past several months, there has been a steady increase in violent terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem. The brewing intifada has not been confined only to the Jewish state.

During the May conflict, Jews were attacked on the streets of major American cities including Los Angeles and New York. The FBI, NYPD and Anti-Defamation League have all cited dramatic increases in antisemitic activity and violent attacks this year.

We suffered horrific tragedies, including the losses of life in Meron and Surfside.

Israel and America have both installed new governments, and it remains to be seen whether either will rise to meet the challenges they face. Governments and institutions around the world continue to single out Israel for phony human rights abuses, while giving the world’s worst abusers a pass.

Health issues and government responses remain a major concern, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, with increased case numbers and increased restrictions on movement. Freedoms that were once taken for granted are now eroding, including freedom of speech, through the increasing practices of corporate censorship and shadow banning.

And most media continue along a downward spiral of false anti-Israel narratives and low-quality journalism. Even many Jewish news outlets are now promoting an increasingly progressive agenda and parroting the narratives of mainstream media.

The age of information is quickly giving way to an era of misinformation.

Much of the picture painted in 2021 hasn’t been pretty. Yet the Jewish people remain strong and committed to fighting for existence, for truth, for values, for culture, for liberty, for security and for a better future.

There have indeed been bright spots. After a 2020 without gatherings, lifecycle events, celebrations and even conferences have returned. Israeli innovation continues to spark economic gains and the shekel has strengthened significantly against the world’s leading currencies. The partnerships forged during the 2020 Abraham Accords continue to expand, providing a model for peace that is increasingly likely to be embraced across the Middle East in the months and years ahead.

And individuals around the world—yourself included—continue to express their emboldened support for authentic Jewish values, a sense of Jewish peoplehood and the miraculous growth of the Jewish state.

Throughout the good and the bad, JNS continues to emerge as one of the most reliable sources for news about Israel and Jewish concerns—a breath of fresh air compared to many other media outlets.

This year we have expanded our news bureaus in the United States and Israel to tell the stories that are important to you. JNS is publishing more news, features and analysis than ever before.

We have launched new podcasts and video programming, including “Top Story” with our fearless Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Tobin, and “Global Perspectives” with former Deputy U.S. Envoy to Combat Antisemitism Ellie Cohanim. And we have dramatically expanded our presence on social media to successfully reach audiences of all ages and political viewpoints.

2022 promises to be even brighter. We have several exciting developments in the pipeline.

I am proud to say that the award-winning news and analysis produced by Jewish News Syndicate ranks among the highest quality reporting, on any site. In 2021, more readers than ever before have read and shared our articles, and more publications have reprinted our reporting and opinion.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we rely on reader support to keep our editorial operation running, and to expand our activities. This past year, more JNS readers than ever have taken the next step, from passive media consumer to active financial contributor.

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Wishing you a healthy, safe and prosperous 2022, and a year of truly good news.


Alex Traiman
CEO / Jerusalem Bureau Chief
Jewish News Syndicate

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