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Let’s focus on the big issues

The real threat facing the United States today is the alliance between Iran and North Korea.

Ken Abramowitz
Ken Abramowitz

“Resistance” is building inside the Trump administration! “The president is amoral!” “The president likes dictators!” “Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination must be stopped!”

These are bold accusations, but essentially fake news, or at the very least unnecessary distractions.

Let us refocus on the big issues:

The biggest threat facing the United States is the alliance between Iran and North Korea to develop large quantities of nuclear weapons and ICBMs with which to attack or blackmail us.

What is the Trump administration doing to save us? It is trying to break up the nuclear marriage of these two evil countries.

North Korea seems close to accepting the principle of nuclear disarmament. Iran, however, is a fanatical theocracy that will never give up its nuclear ambitions. Therefore, we must force it to change, and progress is being made on this front:

• U.S. President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran in August, which will be followed by oil sanctions in November.

• The value of the Iranian rial has fallen more than 60 percent in the past 12 months.

• The United States and Israel have destroyed hundreds of Iranian military targets in Syria.

• In the next 12 months, Iran may well go bankrupt and its government may be overthrown.

• There have also been two months of riots in southern Iraq, protesting the government’s incompetence and corruption—but also, Iran’s interference in their sovereign nation.

So far, so good—and the pressure on Iran is only in the second inning.

Not bad for a president who “prefers dictators,” hates the “enemy” press, is “reckless,” “ill-informed” and “unstable.”

Go, USA!

Ken Abramowitz is chairman of Citizens for National Security.

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