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Will Biden risk his re-election to stand with Israel?

The pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party is flexing its muscles.

U.S President Joe Biden in Tel Aviv, Oct. 18, 2023. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90.
U.S President Joe Biden in Tel Aviv, Oct. 18, 2023. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90.
Eric Levine
Eric Levine
Eric R. Levine is a founding member of the New York City law firm Eiseman, Levine, Lehrhaupt & Kakoyiannis, P.C. He is an essayist, political commentator and fundraiser for Republican candidates with an emphasis on the U.S. Senate.

This is the most perilous time for world Jewry since the Holocaust. Following the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre, millions of people around the world—including in American cities and on college campuses—rallied to support the terrorists. While the civilized world initially recoiled at the horrors of the attack, the question remains: How far is the “civilized” world willing to go to support Israel and world Jewry?

The single most important person who has to answer that question is President Joe Biden.

The civilized world is well advised to keep in mind that the persecution of the Jews was the canary in the coal mine in the 1930s and ‘40s. But politically weak and alone, the Jews had no voice and no country. Not even Franklin Roosevelt’s America did anything to prevent the Holocaust. Whether the failure was rooted in ignorance or malice, fighting for the Jews was simply not a priority. 

Today, however, there is a strong and powerful Israel. Jews, particularly in the United States, are prepared to speak up. There are righteous gentiles with the courage and moral conviction to know they are not just fighting for the Jews but for themselves as well. God bless them.

But nothing is certain. Israel is fighting for its life. Iran is ascendant in the Middle East. If Hezbollah opens another front on Israel’s northern border or if Iran decides to fully engage, there is no guarantee Israel can win without American military assets.

Unfortunately, many of Biden’s actions and statements fail to inspire confidence that he will do what it takes for Israel to win.

For example, why does he continue to shield Iran from blame for the Oct. 7 attack? Why won’t he freeze his $6 billion ransom payment to Iran? Why has he named Iran-appeaser Jack Lew as ambassador to Israel? Why does he continue to endorse a two-state solution while Israel is fighting for its life?

In particular, Biden’s failure to forcefully condemn pro-Hamas “protestors” and their accomplices raises questions about his resolve. The reason for his failure is obvious: These useful idiots and the elected officials and college presidents who either explicitly or tacitly support them are 2024 Biden voters. The president needs them and does not want to alienate them.

The monsters who stormed the Capitol in solidarity with the fiends who beheaded children are Biden voters. The terrorists who stormed the library at Cooper Union College in New York City and forced Jewish students to hide in the attic for fear of their lives are Biden voters. The beasts who closed Grand Central Station in New York City to stand with the demons who placed babies in ovens are Biden voters. The criminals who made death threats and encouraged people to murder Jewish students at Cornell University, aligning themselves with the ogres who burned entire families alive, could be critical to Biden’s reelection effort.

Jews in Brooklyn were told by the NYPD to stay in their homes because it could not guarantee their safety from the miscreants running wild in the streets to show they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the savages who raped women and mutilated their bodies. Those miscreants are not voting Republican. Everyone who signed the “Official Statement of Solidarity” issued by the Oakland Education Association stating that it “Stands with Palestine” wants the Democrats to hold the While House.

No one seems to be making much effort to stop these hideous creatures.

The Democratic Governor of New York Kathy Hochul has not called out the National Guard to ensure safety in public spaces. Supporters of genocide are not being arrested and prosecuted. The Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom has yet to criticize the OEA for its pro-genocide statement.

Sadly, history teaches us that silence or acquiescence are all that is necessary for evil to triumph. In many cases, this is due to cowardice. Often, however, the reason is outright racism. 

These rank Jew-hating “protestors” are often encouraged by important members of the Democratic Party. Last week, in his first official act, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) introduced a resolution stating that Congress stands with Israel without equivocation or hesitation. It was a simple and powerful message of moral clarity. It passed 412-10 with six members voting “present.” All but one of the 16 who refused to vote in favor of the resolution were Democrats, including antisemitic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Talib (D-Mich.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and other members of the ever-growing “Squad.”

Worse still, some members of Congress have gone well beyond refusing to vote for the speaker’s resolution. Last Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), the leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, made it clear to the president that he was putting his reelection in jeopardy if he supported Israel.

When asked about the President’s reelection chances, she answered, “I have been one of President Biden’s biggest supporters. I have been proud to be a partner as he has been courageous and strong on the domestic front.”

However, she added, “The president needs to be just as courageous on this issue [Israel], so that we keep the unity within our country. … He is, I think, going to be challenged to explain an issue of this moral significance to the American people. … The American people are actually quite far away from where the president and even the majority of Congress has been on Israel and Gaza.”

This was a lie. Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support Israel in this fight. But Jayapal’s demagoguery and incitement didn’t end there. She claimed that Americans “support the right for Israel to defend itself and to exist, but they do not support a war crime exchanged for another war crime, and I think the president has to be careful about that. I would call on him … to bring us to a higher place.”

The congresswoman’s moral equivalence was grotesque. But her openly racist blood libel about “war crimes” is a narrative popular among Biden voters. The president’s approval rating among Democrats has fallen 11 points since Oct. 7. This is because a significant number of Democrats object to his support for Israel. In a close election, these pro-Hamas Democrats could make the difference between victory and defeat.

If Hezbollah and/or Iran enter the war, as the war continues and the death toll mounts, what will Biden do? Will he continue to give Israel the support it needs to finish its war against an unspeakable evil or will he hold Israel back and prevent it from destroying Hamas? Will his priority be saving Israel, the Jews and civilization? Or will winning over the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party to ensure his reelection be his priority?

At the moment, we do not know. A great deal is riding on the answer.

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